Relationship counselling can help

Whatever your sexual orientation, background, or marital status – whether you come alone or with a partner. Talking and sharing your difficulties can help you to think about issues in different ways and then begin to make changes that can seem so daunting. Exploring problems and finding ways to break down barriers to effective communication.

Each counselling session lasts 60 minutes. The initial session is an assessment session, allowing you to talk about the problems giving me the opportunity to think about how I may help you. If ongoing counselling is appropriate, there is an agreement to continue the work at a regular time that suits everyone. I aim to provide a flexible service tailored to the specific needs of each client and which is sensitive to the issues. Couples do not only come to therapy when their relationship is in crisis. Relationship therapy can help to re-energise and revitalise a relationship.

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Problems that can be helped by relationship counselling:

Separation and Divorce…

Relationship counselling is also suitable for couples considering separation or divorce. I offer support and understanding through this difficult process so that each partner can let go of some of the hurt and resentment and start to rebuild their lives. My aim is also to help couples navigate towards a positive family change.

Let's talk about you
separation and divorce