Kind Words

About Gill Booth

From the moment I walked through the door and sat down, and Gill asked me some opening questions, I knew I was in the right place.

Gill creates a safe and welcoming environment where I felt completely comfortable to open up, and with her expert knowledge, experience and non-judgmental approach she helped me take my own journey of self-discovery.

It might sound very grand and like every moment is an epiphany. It isn’t. Sometimes what I shared seemed to me to be quite mundane and trivial. But put it together and it all helped me understand myself, and the relationships I have now, have had in the past (and, thanks to this process, may now have in the future), so much better.

Over the weeks and months of visiting Gill I have learned to ultimately accept myself and be happy with who I am. I can’t tell you how much confidence that gives me to start living my life again and actually enjoying what life brings. It’s an incredibly liberating feeling.

I am sure there will be times along the way when I don’t feel as confident and optimistic and where I need a refresher, or even a group of sessions, with Gill to get me back on the right path again. But that’s okay too.

If you know deep inside that you need this kind of help, but are hesitating about whether it really will make any difference for you, please take that next step and get in touch. It has really helped me to look forward to the days ahead.