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Kind Words

About Gill Booth

From the moment I walked through the door and sat down, and Gill asked me some opening questions, I knew I was in the right place. Gill creates a safe and welcoming environment where I felt completely comfortable to open up, and with her expert knowledge, experience and non-judgmental approach she helped me take my […]

What is a Healthy Emotional Relationship?

How do you know when you have found a healthy relationship? What are the indicators that keep a relationship happy and fulfilled? Allowing each other to be individuals as well as working successfully as a team. This maybe accommodating each other’s hobbies, work commitments, separate friendships. It also means giving each other the freedom to […]

Rupturing the Trust

Trust is the foundation to our romantic relationships. In the early hedonistic days when a couple first meet the future seems bright and full of possibilities. Both members of the relationship share very openly with each other, trusting each other with their histories. There is an abundance of exploration and curiosity that develops and grows […]

Attachment and the impact it has.

John Bowlby was one of the pioneers of attachment theory. Our individual attachment styles work behind the scenes of our everyday life. The way we encounter life’s varying situations can be experienced in totally different ways depending on what attachment style you have cultivated. The relationship we have with our selves can be impacted by […]

Sexual Addiction and Neuroscience

separation and divorce

I recently attended an online conference hosted by ATSAC, Association for the Treatment of Sex addiction. Dr Glyn Hudson-Allez gave an interesting overview on the connection between attachment and neuroscience in sex addiction. It’s very interesting and challenging to consider how both play such a large part in the development of sexually compulsive behaviours. Sex […]

Does porn lead to problematic sexual behaviours?

Porn and Sexually compulsive Behaviour:addiction

Does pornography act as the main gateway to developing problematic sexual behaviours. There seem to be conflicting views on whether compulsive sexual behaviour or sex addiction really exist. Hopefully continued research into this area will continue to unearth evidence that justifies therapists like myself to work and help individuals and their partners that suffer with […]